Carat Round Cut

Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops

Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops
Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops

Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops    Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops

We Offer Customization & Rings Are Available in All Sizes. You have 30 days to return the item from the day it was ordered, no questions asked. IF PRODUCT is DAMAGED or TAGS ARE REMOVED or USED Or WORN by you then the RETURN IS INVALID.

We take absolute care of precious jewels are packed well so that there is no damage to the product. They are delivered in an elegant box, ideal for gifting to someone special. We take the feedback you leave with utmost importance. If for any reason you are dissatisfied or unhappy with our products or service do first reach out to us and give us an opportunity to set things right. We specialize in any type of jewelry that you can imagine. You imagine it and we will make it exactly the same. When you work with our company the only limit there is, is your imagination.

We have over 6 decades of experience in Jewelry Manufacturing. We also deal in wholesale and export of 14K, 18K and Platinum. Jewelry handmade and machine made Gold and Platinum Diamond Jewelry. Best Quality, Certified and Guaranteed Low Prices. Friendly and Responsive Customer Service.

A Brief on Lab Grown Diamonds. What are Lab Grown Diamonds? Lab Grown diamonds are not imitation stone like Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite, this is a 100% genuine, 100% real diamond, and they are chemically and visually the exact same as natural diamonds and there is no difference! Technically Lab Diamonds are the same as natural diamonds. All our lab-grown diamonds will pass the "diamond tester" test 100% guaranteed! Whilst there are many simulants on the market, a lab-grown diamond is not referred to as a simulant, but as a diamond. Certified by the International Gemological Institute, our lab-grown diamonds are held to the same standards and are just as "real" as mined diamonds. Our Lab Grown Diamonds are as hard as an earth mined diamond and are available in different shapes and sizes. WE DO END-TO-END LAB-GROWN DIAMOND JEWELRY LIKE NO ONE ELSE.

What is the Difference between A Lab-grown Diamond and A Natural Diamond? They are diamonds, created in labs instead of mined. Lab Grown Diamonds are lower in cost.

Lab-grown diamonds arouse suspicion and questioning, yet during the summer of 2018, the Federal Trade Commission that regulates commercial practices amended its jewelry guide to remove the word natural from the definition of diamond. It continues by clarifying that. It is no longer accurate to define a diamond with the word natural when it is possible to create a product which has essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a mined diamond.

Our Lab Grown Diamonds share the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as mined Diamonds. How are Lab Grown Diamonds made? A lab-grown diamond is crafted in a highly controlled laboratory that creates the diamonds under intense heat and pressure. Because these diamonds contain the same chemical compounds as mined Diamonds, they are diamonds.

How popular are lab-grown diamonds? Recently, in 2019, Meghan Markle was seen in London adoring a stunning pair of drop earrings crafted from lab-grown diamonds.

This certainly sparked a conversation that someone who could wear mined diamonds, chose to use a sustainable alternative grown in a lab. Lady Gaga was spotted in London at her A Star Is Born premiere in 2018, wearing a pair of earrings that featured 9 brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds. Emma Watson has been seen wearing both Lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold jewelry at a Vanity Fair Oscars after Party and the Academy Awards. Leading environmental and climate change activist, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the largest investors in the synthetic diamond industry partnering with a company that creates lab-grown diamonds from solar power.

Leonardo DiCaprio famously starred in the 2007 film, Blood Diamond, a movie that highlights the conflict from diamond mining in Africa and he continued to endorse ethical diamond production after learning the harsh reality diamond mining causes in war-torn regions around the world. That don't cost the earth - both literally and figuratively.

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  1. Seller Warranty: Yes
  2. Material: NA
  3. Number of Gemstones: NA
  4. Secondary Stone: Diamond
  5. Setting Style: Hoop
  6. Total Carat Weight: 5
  7. Country/Region of Manufacture: India
  8. Handmade: Yes
  9. Number of Diamonds: NA
  10. Personalize: Yes
  11. Main Stone Treatment: Not Enhanced
  12. Theme: Beauty
  13. Wholesale: Yes
  14. SKU: EER-90 WG UK
  15. Colored Diamond Intensity: NA
  16. Main Stone: Diamond
  17. Metal: White Gold
  18. Metal Purity: 14ct
  19. Style: Hoop
  20. Type: Earrings
  21. Base Metal: Gold
  22. Certification: GLI
  23. Closure: Closure
  24. Color: NA
  25. Brand: Diamondberry
  26. Country of Origin: India
  27. Cut Grade: Excellent
  28. Diamond Clarity Grade: Very Slightly Included (VS1)
  29. Diamond Color Grade: H
  30. Ear Area: Lobe
  31. Main Stone Color: NA
  32. Main Stone Creation: Natural
  33. Main Stone Shape: Round

Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops    Round Cut 5 Carat Genuine Diamond Women's Earrings Solid 14K White Gold Hoops